Memorial Day for Jesus

As we honour our fallen heroes,

Who offered up their life

On a battle field so dreary,

In the fierce battle’s strife,

Do we think of the great Commander

Who died in battle too,

In the great war ‘twixt error and truth,

Dying for me and you?

He was commander-in-Chief, and General,

A “Captain of the Host;”

He was Chaplain, and Nurse, and Sentinel,

Who never slept at His post;

He was Quartermaster and Surgeon,

Held the Banner of Love and Faith,

Tho’ He came as a lowly Private

And loved not His life to the death.

Altho’ He came as man’s substitute,

He was a willing volunteer!

Willingly died for one and all

On the cross so gloomy and drear.

Oh! What can we give this Hero,

Who died for one and all?

Only the flowers of service to Him,

Who came at humanity’s call.

Nellie M. Albers

Bible Training School, June 1908

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