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 Kisii Kids Orphanage

kisii kidsb

Kisii Kids Orphanage was established in the year 2010 as a home-based care. It is located in Boronyi, Kisii County, Kenya. Today, Kisii Kids Orphanage accommodates 56 children aged between 3yrs and 18yrs. There is room for expansion in the coming years.  Kisii Kids Orphanage honors and respects children’s rights as outlined under Child Welfare Society of Kenya, UNICEF, and other Children’s rights Conventions. The programme is funded by both national and international well – wishers.

Kisii Kids Orphanage caters for children in difficult circumstances from Kisii County and its environs. These include:

  • The abandoned
  • Orphans
  • Destitute
  • Victims of cruelty,
  • Neglect and those abused  physically, psychologically and sexually

The areas of operation of this Kisii Kids Orphanage include but not limited to;

  • Child welfare
  • Health promotion,
  • Outreach program
  • Education



We have a chapel within the compound. We engages the children in church activities like regular church attendance, Bible studies, choir, Recitation of memory verses, ministering to other youth and children. Every Friday evening after classes, children gather and share testimonies on how God has changed their lives bringing conviction and dedication. This enhances individual, group spiritual development and growth.


By the help of friends, individual contributions, charities, childrenobtain funding for their basic education. The Children attend the neighboring public school which is  located about ½ KM from the  premise. The Teachers and students are focused on providing and receiving a good educational standard to prepare for a successful future life. Provision of learning environment, books, pens, essential learning apparatus help give the children potential to prosper and excel.


Provision of food, water, electricity, shelter, security maintains physical and mental growth. By the help of well-wishers, friends, charities, church contributions and personal sacrifice we have been able to facilitate the provision, cooking and distribution of food ensuring each child obtains the basic need of food for sustainability and growth


Children are encouraged to participate in sporting and games activities e.g. football, netball,   athletics, etc.  We also organize Music sessions to help children identifying their talents and potentials in life for individual growth and prosperity within the Orphanage.

Watching Educative Television programs help the children remain aware of their world and people in other ends of the world projecting their vision of life to a hopeful future.



Kisii Kids Orphanage employs observatory and communication skills to help identify children who may feel unwell and health attention is immediately sought from the nearby health facilities. Common illnesses include malaria, pneumonia during wet seasons and respiratory track infections. In such instances, personal contribution, well-wishers, Bill waive help KKO mitigate the prevailing circumstances. Provisions of mosquito nets, health education to the children help reduce malaria transmission.


KKO has a small farm husbandry keeping chicken for eggs, maize, vegetables, fruits, potatoes etc. The children are involved in daily watering of vegetables, feeding of chicken on a rotational basis helping them grow up responsible adults as they enrich themselves nutritionally from the farm produce.

kisii kids


Much building has taken place with extensions for dining area, girls’ dormitory, kitchen and a chapel. Boys’ dormitory is still under construction.


Out of determination, self denial, sacrifice, offering, volunteering KKO contributes individually toward the upkeep of the children.

The surrounding community is actively involved with KKO, providing voluntary cooking services; individual contribution of cereals and other farm produce to aid in feeding of the children.

It also engages friends and well-wishers offering outreach programs and constant contact to help participate in meeting the objective of caring, nurturing and up-bringing.

The Social Worker at KKO is employed to follow up each child and is trained to assist them to settle in and find their place in their new home. She gives unstintingly in this role and is trusted and loved by all the children.

However on the process of trying to improve the welfare of the disadvantaged children, the Orphanage has been experiencing a few problems, which need intervention from well wishers.


Kisii Kids Orphanage (KKO) like other established institutions faces several challenges, among the challenges being:

  • Limited funds; The Number of children in the KKO has grown overtime and the funding has increasingly become a challenge, we need finances to keep the institution running and pay the workers. We hereby request kindly for Donors to help us mitigate these underlying challenges.
  • Lack of good fencing and gate. These posses a security risk for the children. The premise is fenced using shrubs.
  • Boys’ dormitory; The boyspopulation has grow with time and their dormitory is still under construction. We need funds to purchase materials for it to be completed. Due to a growing population of the orphaned children joining the orphanage, paying school fees has been a big challenge. We call upon well-wishers to help identify their area of help to aid the less fortunate obtain basic education. 
  • Health and Disease

In cases of disease infection, epidemic outbreaks care and tendering becomes a major challenge settling the hospital bills, quick response to disease attacks. We request kindly the stakeholders, Aid Agencies and well-wishers to aid in healthcare provision, creation of a KKO health dispensary to help in emergence of such health challenges.

  • Food, Shelter, clothing; Electricity bills sometimes rise to a high scale and we face a threat of disconnection. Food and clothing also pose a big challenge to the management of KKO following weak financial strength of the institution.
  • Vocational Training; Teenagers leaving the institution have to undergo vocational training which helps them to be independent individuals and self sustainable. However there are challenges of training facilities and skilled trainers within the institution. We need trainers in entrepreneurship, tailoring and others.
  • Poor drainage, the home is always flooded during rainy seasons hampering movements within. There is need of construction of a pavement and proper drainage system.
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