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14. The Refreshment of the Sabbath in the Sanctuary

By John Thiel, mp3

We are now moving into the different aspects that we gain by way of the truths, of the doctrines, that surface out of the sanctuary study. This study enters into a research of the Ten Commandments as they are in the heavenly sanctuary. The Ten Commandments are there, in the most holy place. When Ellen White received the vision, she came into the heavenly sanctuary, and she saw something as these Ten Commandments were opened up. Read the rest of this entry

8. Reflecting the Work of Salvation in the Most Holy Place

By John Thiel, Audio: Reflecting the Work of Salvation

Our last study went as far as the work of salvation up to the holy place. After Jesus had been sacrificed on the cross for us which was here on earth the outer court, He then became a priest. He progressed in His work by taking with Him our sins and brought them before God in the heavenly sanctuary. As He went there the first thing He dealt with was the candlesticks in the heavenly sanctuary. The apostles were waiting as He said wait till I send you the Spirit. The candlestick in heaven was the seven spirits of God that were close to the throne of God. When Jesus lit the candlesticks as it were, He actually sent the Holy Spirit and fire came down on the heads of the disciples just as the candles were burning in the symbolic picture. Flames came upon their head. Read the rest of this entry

28. The Scapegoat

By John Thiel, Audio: The Scapegoat

This study is a conclusion of the whole sanctuary service. The scapegoat was the last activity in the sanctuary. Everything that was written in the Law of Moses was to be fulfilled concerning Christ and the whole plan of salvation. Everything that the sanctuary unveils, Gods way in the sanctuary, leaves us with one more item. Read the rest of this entry

7. Reflecting the Work of Salvation in the Sanctuary

By John Thiel, Audio: The Work of Salvation

This study is the detail of the gospel service, the actual saving work of Jesus. It is looking at the work of salvation as typified in the sanctuary. The Hebrew sanctuary is a prophetic picture of what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. Read the rest of this entry

27. The Science of Prayer

By John Thiel, Audio: The Science of Prayer

Our brain is a living computer and our prayers are recorded in the altar of incense where the angels stand. It is the altar of incense which is the altar between the angels that have the coals between them. There are the wheels within wheels that record everything. Everything God says is recorded by those instrumentalities. Under the altar the people who were slain for their faith are crying. Read the rest of this entry

26. God’s Way of Unity in the Sanctuary

By John Thiel, Audio: mp3

The whole subject of the sanctuary has been a doctrine that communicates unity from heaven to earth. The sanctuary that was built by the Hebrews was a copy of the sanctuary in heaven; there was a unifying concept. Jesus’ body also was a sanctuary. The body of Jesus was also an exercise of unity as the church being the body of Christ, and this was connected with the sanctuary because the church is also a sanctuary. All the sanctuary applications are communicating the concept of unity just from that perspective. Read the rest of this entry

24. No Strange Fire In the Temple

By John Thiel, Audio: mp3

From the creation and fall of man to the present time, there has been a continual unfolding of the plan of God for the redemption, through Christ, of the fallen race. The tabernacle and temple of God on earth were patterned after the original in heaven. Around the sanctuary and its solemn services mystically gathered the grand truths which were to be developed through succeeding generations. {FLB 194.2} Read the rest of this entry

23. God’s Way of Healing in the Sanctuary

By John Thiel, Audio: mp3

There are a huge number of subjects that come out of the sanctuary, and as we look at those subjects they continue to expand in their subject matter. Each truth becomes broader and wider as we look into it. Every subject we have looked at so far has only laid out the foundations, the basics, but as we study the subject, we find that each subject on its own continues to widen. We could go on into eternity studying all the different subjects that come out of the sanctuary, because they will continue to increase in their depth of appreciation. The scripture of Ezekiel 47 displays this fact in connection with the sanctuary of heaven, that the sanctuary source flows forth in truth that unfolds and gets deeper and deeper. Read the rest of this entry

21. Unquestioning Obedience

Warning: This sermon has been misconstrued and is being referenced at two negative websites attacking this ministry. Please note John Thiel was speaking in the third person speaking of what God would say to us about obedience. It is not John Thiel telling people what to do. 

By John Thiel, Audio: mp3

An aspect of the sanctuary on earth, which typified the heavenly sanctuary, was the ark of the covenant, where the shekinah glory, God’s glory, shone. And this represented His throne in heaven. In the sanctuary message there was the Day of the Atonement, which represented in type the beginning of the hour of God’s judgment. Read the rest of this entry

20. Understanding The Way of Judgement in the Sanctuary

By John Thiel

This particular study is very valuable just after we have studied the three segments of the dress reform, because once we get information as to what is right and what is wrong in regards to actions, we fall into a terrible danger of becoming judgmental, of judging by what we see and making certain conclusions which don’t help anyone. Our careful study into judgment, the way that we judge, must be revealed to us as it is from the sanctuary. Read the rest of this entry

17. God’s Way of Dress in the Sanctuary Part 1

By John Thiel

In studying the sanctuary we are actually studying God’s way. And His ways are different to our ways. To help our minds grasp what the sanctuary is actually trying to teach us, we read the words of the psalmist as he is exonerating the Lord, Read the rest of this entry

16. God’s Way of Organisation in the Sanctuary

By John Thiel, Audio: mp3

We are looking at the sanctuary and appreciating what the sanctuary actually depicts. We want to reignite our understanding as to what we are really doing in the study of the sanctuary, and what is the deep value of beholding the sanctuary. Read the rest of this entry

22. God’s Way of Music as Reflected in the Sanctuary

By John Thiel

Music is another one of those points of personal sensitivity which is very hard to address, to try and help people in. But I thank God for the sanctuary, because there it reveals something that helps us to be able to handle it. Music is simply a sequence of vibrations that come to our sense of hearing and to which we respond according to our hereditary and cultivated background. Read the rest of this entry

15. The Refreshment Of The Sabbath And How It Becomes Polluted

John Thiel, Audio: mp3

In the sanctuary, in the ark of the covenant, are the Ten Commandments, and around the Sabbath there is a halo that is brighter than all the other commandments. We have seen that the Sabbath is a day that is the day of the Lord our God, and that therefore Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. The Sabbath has everything to do with our relationship with God. We also touched on the fact that the Sabbath is to be the seal of God because in the Sabbath is the seal, the name, the title and the domain that He rules. In the true keeping of the Sabbath lies the seal of God, not so much in being a Saturday-keeper. Read the rest of this entry

11. The Presiding Influence of the Sanctuary Doctrine

John Thiel, Audio: The Presiding Influence of the Sanctuary Doctrine

The Hebrew sanctuary was a symbol of the heavenly sanctuary, the services were prophetic symbolism of the realities of the plan of salvation. In our last studies, we came up to the subjects, not only of the work of Jesus as He gave His life at the cross, but that He also worked then as a priest, for a period of time in the holy place, and then He moved into the most holy place. We saw that the message for these last days since 1844 is the time of judgment, the Day of Atonement, in which Jesus our High Priest is doing a different kind of work than He did before, and we are called upon to purify our lives. And in such a serious time in which we are living, we have the comfort of the High Priest, that was our last study, the comfort we find in the High Priest. Read the rest of this entry