Impure Blood: How to Cleanse

Excerpt from Back To Eden, by Jethro Kloss, 

Causes: A wrong diet, constipation, overeating, eating a combination of food at the same meal that causes fermentation, or devitalized foods.  The very elements that would keep the blood pure are removed from many foods by the way they are prepared. For example, the heart and the outside of the wheat, the eyes and peelings of potatoes, the outside of rice, and the heart of corn, which is take out of the meal.  These are wonderful alkaline medicines and do a great deal toward keeping the blood pure.

Some other causes of impure blood are improper breathing, sleeping in rooms that are not properly ventilated, and lack of exercise.  Often the muscles are poisoned and feel tired because of the accumulated waste matter from insufficient exercise.

Drinking impure water and other harmful drinks such as tea, coffee, alcohol and all kinds of soft drinks are other causes.  These confuse the mind and cause wrong thoughts and ideas.  The brain is made up of about 90 percent water and when we drink these unwholesome drinks, many of which are stimulating, the blood is made impure and the mind is very much affected.

Worry, fear, anger, unhappiness, and hate generally hinder the circulation of blood, and thus the impurities are not carried off as they should be.  A stagnant condition of the skin is another cause of impure blood.  Many times the blood that should be circulating near the surface of the body is in the deeper structures, overloading the various organs and causing congestion and various diseases.

Symptoms: The symptoms cover a large list of diseases and complaints: pimples, boils, discolorations of the skin, jaundice, headaches, drowsiness, wrinkles, premature aging, insanity, nervousness, getting angry easily, continually frowning when we should be smiling, thinking evil thoughts when we should think evil of no man, seeing darkness where there is light, gray hair, loss of hair, loss of eyesight, loss of hearing, stiff joints and pain in various parts of the body.  All of these symptoms will be helped to a great or lesser degree when the bloodstream is purified.

Treatment: To make the blood pure, the first thing to do is to eliminate all harmful articles of food and drink such as tea, coffee, all alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, all white flour products, all cane sugar products, and the liberal use of free fat or grease.  The bowels must be kept open by proper diet and the use of herbal laxatives when needed.  Take high herbal enemas to clean out the colon and make it active and strong.  Drink plenty of fresh, pure water.  Take regular outdoor exercise with deep breathing and get plenty of sleep in a well-ventilated room.

Echinacea and red clover are good blood purifiers. Both can be purchased in convenient capsule form.

Keep the skin active by cold morning baths and vigorous rubbing with a coarse Turkish towel. Take a hot bath or shower every day. Wash the body thoroughly with some good soap.  A thorough salt glow is good after a hot bath.  This will stimulate the skin, make it active, and open the pores.

A massage from head to foot is beneficial. Give it thoroughly on the neck and the upper part of the spine and especially on the feet.

Go on a fruit diet for one week.  In the absence of an abundance of fruit, eat vegetables prepared as discussed in Section V, Chapter 2, and Section VI, Chapter 1. For example, eat the green part of leafy vegetables and carrots – either raw, grated, or baked until tender – carrot juice, and potatoes.

Reader, if you want to see wonderful results, live on the food that God originally gave to man.  There is an abundance of it.  Just live on fruit for a while and follow the sanitary habits previously mentioned.  Make use of the herbs that God let grow for the healing of the nations and you will say with many whom the writer has heard say, “Truly the day of miracles has not passed.”

The fruit of the tree is for man’s food, and the leaves for his medicine. Ezekiel 47:12.

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  1. Hello,

    I face pimple issues every now and then.
    But whenever i hit gym for continous 2-3 days wwhich involvs exercising with weights, i see too many red bumps on my face with sebum on left right cheeks. Is impure blood reason for this?. Please advise something as this intervenes my gym routine.

  2. i m having problem with hair loss .is it result of impure blood .what can i do ???

  3. i’ve black spots on my leg from 3 yrs i used so many medicines but it do not worked….

  4. i got staphiloccocus bateria and weak erection as a result what should i do?

  5. i’ve more pimples ..wat shud i can do..

  6. I have black Spots on my body espacially on my shoulder and
    back. When ever i get a pimple it gets converted into a spot after drying. Please suggest me the method to get rid of pimples and
    the spots which are there on my body, how to earse them. Any
    Medical treatment like operation you know??
    I am 25 years old.

  7. i’ve itching problem and it is spreading all over body with red colour,why is it so?

    • I would go to your health store and buy some Calendula cream and rub it everywhere you have the rash, it works a treat. It gets rid of the problem totally. Also, try the Lemon detox diet. Get 21 lemons and squeeze three daily with 40ml of Maple syrup in a 2 litre container add water to fill to the top and drink that and nothing else for six or seven days daily. You need 3 lemons and 40 ml of maple syrup daily.

  8. I have red spots on my face they become blood red in sunlight ,cold etc very senstive ??

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