Sabbath School Lessons 2017 (Second Half) – Lessons from the Parable of the Ten Virgins

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To all students in the path of pilgrimage, blessing and practical help from our Lord Jesus Christ.

We live in a time imminently close to the return of our Saviour, and for us living now He has given profound illumination as to our experience. From Matthew 24:32 all the way through to chapter 25:13 we can trace the experience of the professed people of God just before His second coming. This is the study of this Sabbath school lesson.

Profound is the material which we will research, for in it each one of us will be able to discern where we stand in readiness of the close of probation. By this discernment we may be able to make decided choices to secure our position among the saved before it is too late. How important it is then that we apply ourselves diligently to the study of this lesson.

In this first section we are dealing with the material of Matthew 24:32 to the end of the chapter. This provides the student with the necessary information by which the parable of the ten virgins will become meaningful. We will see that the discourse Jesus gave to the disciples in Matthew 24 is inseparable from the parable in chapter 25.

God grant us all His Spirit to have our minds tuned to correctly comprehend the truths that are so essential for us just now.

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