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The Gathering from 1888 to 1915

By John Thiel


2021 Conference – The Gathering of God’s Jewels

We have appreciated words of inspiration to the people who were the jewels that had gathered together through the message of the three angels – the first angel’s message proclaiming the everlasting gospel, which is the everlasting covenant that was to inscribe God’s law in our hearts.

As the early believers in the advent message came through their point of disappointment and proceeded from there under the guidance of the Lord. We also discovered that the human factor comes in and plays havoc with what God is doing. The human factor gets excited for a while and when the excitement wears of they become slack. This is what we have seen.

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2021 Conference – The Gathering of God’s Jewels

Listen to our most recent conference (just held in April):
The Gathering of God’s Jewels

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