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The Christian Warfare

What is a guard?  Someone who protects.  In the hymn ‘Gracious Father Guard Thy Children’, we sing that God will protect us in this dark and trying hour.  If the hour is dark and trying, you need someone to guard.  The jubilee commences 7 to 8 weeks before Jesus comes.  The voice from heaven says it is done is the beginning of the seventh plague.  The precious Jubilee.  Jacob troubles finishes at the commencement of the seventh plague.  Faces light up and the synagogue of Satan worship at their feet.  When the world is in chaos, the saints will be at rest and Jacobs’s trouble will be over. Freedom from sin, freedom from pain.  What is it that causes sin and pain?   The wiles of Satan. Freedom from the wiles of Satan.  How intensely is he working today?

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