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11. Jesus Our Ransom

By John Thiel, First Angel’s Message, study 11, mp3

The first angel message declares that we need to fear God and give Him the Glory for the hour of His judgment is come.  In order to understand what is meant by the hour of God’s judgment, we first need a correct understanding of the everlasting gospel.  The atonement is the very hub of the everlasting gospel and it is through the atonement process that the God of heaven, the second person of the Godhead became at one with humanity.  The activity of Jesus becoming at one with us is the remedy for our sin sick minds.  We now look at the atonement of Jesus the man in terms of his becoming a ransom for us.

We were captives in the strongman’s house condemned to death but Jesus through the immeasurable cost of his sinless life and death was found worthy to be our ransom. The condition of man after the fall was hopelessly captive.  Our condition is so deplorable that we are now powerless to release ourselves from it.  In this sense, we truly are captives. Read the rest of this entry

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