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Are You A Protestant?

By John Thiel

I ask the question, are you a Protestant? If we want to know what it means to be a Protestant, study Protestantism. As you look this subject, there are some very pertinent messages in Revelation. In the study of the seven churches Jesus speaks to his faithful children. You will notice that the messages that were given in the successive generations can be applicable to us now as they were given to churches of the past.

Balaam thought the best way to get the booty from the king was to corrupt Israel and he did that. He brought in the women from outside. He brought in sacrificing to idols to accept the ways around them. This is what the Christian church in the time of Pergamos was falling into. A worldly flood was coming into the church. This is as much as important for us to understand it so won’t happen to us and also so that there won’t be a cause for us to fall.

Pergamos Didn’t Repent

The very thing that was warned in Pergamos was now happening in Thyatira in that church called Jezebel. I gave her space to repent and she repented not. God gives a very clear message here of what Gods church must avoid. Read the rest of this entry