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5. God’s Grace

By John Thiel, First Angel’s Message, study 5, mp3

God has pledged the facility of the Godhead for the benefit of our salvation. We are to worship God, give him the glory and worship him in spirit and in truth. Our understanding of his will assists us to worship him in spirit and in truth. When we are true to our vowels he says I will receive you. The Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, these three dignitaries of heaven pledge themselves that every facility shall be given to us.

When we have accepted Christ, and in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit have pledged ourselves to serve God, the Father, Christ, and the holy Spirit–the three dignitaries and powers of heaven–pledge themselves that every facility shall be given to us if we carry out our baptismal vows to “come out from among them, and be . . . separate, . . . and touch not the unclean thing.” When we are true to our vows, he says, “I will receive you” (MS 85, 1901). {6BC 1075.8}

Keep yourselves where the three great powers of heaven–the Father, the Son, and the holy Spirit–can be your efficiency. These powers work with the one who gives himself unreservedly to God. The strength of heaven is at the command of God’s believing ones. The man who makes God his trust is barricaded by an impregnable wall. {HP 176.5}

What a wonderful thing when we submit ourselves to the heavenly Father. He is Abba Father the one in whom I can be comforted and protected by. An impregnable wall with such a God as our creator being our Father, the one who pities and cares for us. We have nothing to fear. We have seen the degree of holiness that we are to inherit because he is our Father and we are to be heirs of God. We are actually able to inherit God’s holiness. We want to enlarge and explore this grace in the heart of the Godhead in the very heart of the Father this grace and God’s activity to make us inheritors of his holiness. The word grace is qualified in the Crudens concordance as “the free mercy of God, or the “enjoyment of his unmerited favour”. Merriam-Websters Dictionary: “Unmerited Divine assistance provided for the regeneration and sanctification of the human race.” It is a favour that he extends to us – his holiness. Read the rest of this entry

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