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6. The Silken Cords of Affections

By John Thiel, Godly Affections That Motivate Series, mp3

Scripture reading: John 17:22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one.

Jesus is a friend so special, so wonderful, that our affections are bound to Him. Our faint endeavour is nerved by this gleam of affection. He gave us not only life, but Himself. He offers us a deep relationship, an affectionate bond with Him. As we live in these days of earth’s history, our relationships are so bound up with the Lord in these last days, but there is a huge amount of defection around us – defection in terms of the infinite relationship with Jesus, where people have many other affectionate bindings. They are professed Christians, and yet they are not really, affectionately bound with the Lord in such a way that they would give up everything for Him. The description that is given us for these last days, in 2 Timothy 3:1-5, we are familiar as being the case in the world around us, but we often don’t apply this to those who are professed Christians. This is the peril of these last days: Read the rest of this entry

Light and Darkness

By John Thiel, mp3

Take the world, but give me Jesus.

The world, all its joys and comforts are of no real support when we see around us things falling down and all that people have planned and worked towards being lost; delays and discomforts. There is comfort in the Lord, and that can never be removed from us. With the considerations that we have in the fact that Jesus is very soon to return, and that all the things of this earth are to be destroyed, and we can see how it’s all crumbling around us, there is a preparation that is to be entered into with an intensity not yet seen. We need to occupy ourselves with something much higher than merely enjoying this planet; especially with regards to our social pastimes and our social interactivity with others around us. Read the rest of this entry

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