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When Are the Sins Of Believers Blotted Out?

Sr Aria

Are they blotted out at the time they are repented of and confessed by the sinner? Are they blotted out at the time God forgives the sinner, and writes pardon against his name in the Record Books of Heaven? Have our sins already been blotted out? Are they all blotted out, or only some of them? If they are not blotted out at the time of the sinner’s confession and God’s forgiveness – when will they be blotted out? If they are blotted out at some later stage, why are they not blotted out immediately they are confessed and forgiven? If they are not already blotted out, will I ever know when they are blotted out? Or are our sins blotted out when Jesus comes? These are questions that every sincere Christian should be asking, and seeking the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy answers to. What is God’s great Plan of Salvation relating to the blotting out of the sins of His people? Read the rest of this entry