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Rebellion In Our Ranks

By John Thiel

The rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram draws a comparison with Satan in the last days. We will look at what rebellion is. In understanding what rebellion is, we can understand more fully the rebellion that took place back then. We find something in Job that impresses our minds that we take the time to know what rebellion is.

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The Rebellion of Korah

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It is my prayer that we will identify ourselves on our way to heaven. We saw that Israel is a life size allegory of what we will go through. It is a type. Everything that the Israelites went through is a mirror of what we will go through in reality. We see the bondage they got into from a yielding to sin. Some of us can identify if we are still in bondage.  If we have felt how bad sin is God can bring us out and we can partake of the lamb. The physician comes to heal those that are sick and the bondage release comes to those who know they are in bondage. We identified the manna and the murmuring of the children of Israel in a previous study. When we are coming out of Egypt it seems that Egypt pursues us. We come to a point in our Christian walk where the first joy of the Christian work seems to run off. The past crowds us in but the Lord will deliver us from that. All along we can identify we are travelling along this path. Where are we? Along this path to heaven there is a rebellion. We will spend this time looking at rebellion rather than looking at Korah himself. When we read this text we will realise what this rebellion was all about that happened with Korah, Dathan and Abiram. Read the rest of this entry