2017 Sabbath Sermons

Godly Affections That Motivate Series

The Place of Our Affections.m3

God’s-Strong-Affection Motivation – Jesus in the Darkness.mp3

Affection-Motivated Obedience.mp3

Affection-Related Restoration.mp3

Affectionate Pastimes With God.mp3

The Silken Cords of Affection.mp3

Battle of the Affections.mp3

Our Affections As Missionaries.mp3

Godly Affections in Sinful Flesh.mp3

Affectionate Sabbath-keeping.mp3

Non-Judgmental Affections.mp3

Basking in Godly Affections.mp3

Removing Delusions and Fallacies Series

The Trinity Doctrine.mp3


Legal Formalism.mp3

Doctrinal Indifference.mp3

Other Sabbath Sermons


Your Participation in the Personal Sealing Work.mp3

Where is Gods Church? 

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