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John Thiel Preaches the 1888 Message on YouTube

By John Thiel

The mind looks to the cross after its been bombarded with the law, the law, the law, and with imperfect sight is discerned Christ on the cross. What is happening there? He died because of sin? What is sin? Sin is the transgression of the law. What? Isn’t Jesus sinless? And he died because of transgression of the law? Then the eyes are opened.

The law is broken but cannot pardon the transgressor. It is our schoolmaster, condemning to punishment. Where is the remedy? The law drives us to Christ, who was hanged upon the cross that He might be able to impart His righteousness to fallen, sinful man and thus present men to His Father in His righteous character (MS 50, 1900). {6BC 1110.8}

Here is something to enter into. This is not just a theory this is an experience which I know you are able to identify with. How many of us are struggling through these horrifying experiences? The atonement of Jesus Christ on the cross, what is he hanging there for? Because he actually experienced not only the consequence of transgression, he experienced you and me and now it strikes, what have I done to him? And why has he done that? So that now through him I might have his faith that I might come to faith. This is the light of 1888. This is what was rejected. Can you see why? Because proud leaders of Adventism are no different than Pharisees and the Pharisees rejected Christ as it unveiled to them their true decrepit condition. Read the rest of this entry

The Consummation of the Everlasting Covenant Videos

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