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06 The Harvest

mp3 The Harvest

We must by willing to take up our cross and deny ourselves and follow Jesus for the path of faith requires a lot of hardship. We will be tested and we tried just like Jesus. Although we are crucified with Christ nevertheless we live yet not we but Christ lives in us. The life we want to live must be lived by the faith of the Son of God. If we will not live by faith we will be overwhelmed by the troubles that Christians and non- Christians alike will receive. No one is exempt. The Christian also receives chastening from God the Father for it says that any branch that brings forth fruit is pruned so it can bring forth more fruit. God’s obedient children are still under the discipline of the loving heavenly Father. That discipline is difficult. We have the privilege of reading the things that will be done to us. We will receive persecution and dark experiences. If we read our Bibles we will see the things written a foretime are written for our learning that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope (Romans 15:4) Jesus prayed to His Father that He would send another Comforter the Holy Ghost. Do you know why the Holy Ghost is a Comforter? It’s because He will show you everything Jesus has said and when he comes he will:

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05 The Fight of Faith

Living Faith Seminar, Study 5, Audio: The Fight of Faith

We cannot be justified by faith until we have received the seed into our hearts. Even though the seed has not grown yet into a tall plant to bring forth fruit, everything is there. As we receive the Word of God in its entirety whether we know everything or not, by that surrender and the willingness to follow the Lamb wherever He goes we are justified.

Hebrews 10:3 Now the just shall live by faith.

If we want to remain just we must live practically by the genetic code that has been placed into our hearts by Jesus Christ. If you have been ploughed, if you realize what sin is, that your nature is desperately wicked and you come to the point where you have received God’s Word in its entirety then the walk has just begun. When the seed has been planted it is just the beginning of our experience. When man has the divine nature and the law of God is written in the soul, our flesh, that is our deranged physical frame, it still has the same matter as beforehand. The endocrine system and the hormones are still unbalanced. Your feelings will still be aroused the same as before rebirth. When someone is born again does he have a new body? No, but you have a new ingredient now that will conquer those things of the flesh. Read the rest of this entry

04 The Planting of Faith

Living Faith Seminar, Study 4, Audio: 04 The Planting of Faith

If we had been buried with him in baptism we’ll also be raised with him in the newness of life. The symbol of baptism is to depict the death that one is making because of the nature that they find themselves in. When the law has done its work the soul is in a pit of misery and as the soul realises it utter weakness and all it can do is cry. When someone cries, it’s always the loudest when they’re about to die. In that last bit of energy when you call out to the name of the Lord you will be saved. If you were in a comfortable situation and call out ‘help’ with real enthusiasm, how well could you do it? What if you were at the bottom of a cliff? The waves are raging and someone is listening, how loud would you cry? The circumstance creates the energy. You can’t fake it. When the shadows of death creep over you something changes in you and you can call out like nothing. That is what it means when it says ‘He that calleth on the name of the Lord shall be saved’. This is Jesus prayer on the cross. You can verify it from the context of the whole chapter.

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03 The Ground Work of Faith

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Luke 8:11 Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

To plant a seed you need to prepare the ground. Are we wiser in planting seeds than in preparing our hearts?

The acceptance of Christ’s atonement is the groundwork of true faith. {OHC 117.3}

John 1:12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: 3 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

Before we can receive faith something needs to happen to us and that is out of our control. We can’t get it for ourselves. Read the rest of this entry

02 The Author of Our Faith

Living Faith Seminar, Audio:  The Author of Our Faith

What is our hope? Jesus Christ, the hope of glory to have Christ within us. Belief is receiving into the heart those things that God has given us. The grace of God is the Holy Spirit, the gift that comes as a result of receiving the gift of Jesus Christ. By the Holy Spirit are given more gifts. The law are principles of behaviour, instinctive or written. Works are the product of the work that is done. We are created in Jesus Christ unto good works.

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01 What is Faith? Defining the Term

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It is my personal desire to be ready when Jesus comes. I desire that we can all be translated. The day of the Lord is something that Christians look forward to but it is actually a day of wrath. At such a time when the consequences get unleashed upon the heads of those who do not regard God, it is a dreadful day. It’s called the day of God’s wrath. It’s a day of darkness. Who shall abide in the day of His coming? Who shall stand at the day of His appearing? There was a man who was translated, Enoch. He had this testimony, that he pleased God. Of all the times, it is best to please God in the day of His wrath. By faith Enoch was translated. If we desire to be translated, it must also be by faith.

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