2018 Sabbath sermons

August – November

The Assurance of God’s Word
Passive in God’s Hands
Burning Bridges (Manuel Bellina)
Remaining Consistent Under Reproach
A Call for Personal Engagement (Manuel Bellina)
The Outcasts of Israel
The Serpent On The Pole
After Our Doctrines Are Secure
God’s Thoughts Under Suffering (Manuel Bellina)
A Glittering Cheat
In Remembrance Of Me
The Consolation Of The Afflicted

January – May


Will Ye Also Go Away?
Peace That Passeth Understanding
Rejoicing in Salvation
The Source of a Dream
The Constituents of True Christianity
Christ’s Religion Of Compassion
Reasoning Together
The First Two Kings of Israel
True Religion
Assimilating God’s Creative Word
Preparing for the Heavenly Society
To Be Polite to God
Our Security in Trust
Here Is the Patience of the Saints
Heirs of God
The True Fast in the Judgment

Seeking to Please God Series


1. Seeking to Please God
2. Not Holier Than Thou
3. Stay Off The Judgment Seat
4. God’s Peculiar People
5. Light On The Levitical Laws
6. God of The Sabbath
7. Motive of Love
8. What Is Your Fragrance?
9. The Exercise of Repentance
10. A Heart of Forgiveness
11. The Dissatisfied Heart
12. Are We In Submission?