2015 Sabbath Sermons


Light in the Darkness
Faith Piercing the Darkness
God the True Father Figure
The Love of God That Changes Everything
God’s Love and Man’s Discouragement
 The Principle of Creation in the Plan of Redemption
Only Believe – The Power of God in the Gospel
Created In Christ Unto Good Works
Unquestioning Obedience
Living Without a Mediator
Recognising Preparatory Predictions
Hastening Perfection
Slow Down to Speed Up
The Regenerating Power of the Word
Living by Every Word of God
The 144,000 – Part 1 – Who They Are
The 144,000 – Part 2 – An Intellectual Understanding
Thy People Shall Be Delivered
Reaching the Roots of Evil
The Death Decree and Christ’s Return
Light in a Dark Place of Independent Ministries
The Impact of God’s Character
Distractions to the Cause
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Are you Measuring Up? (Doctrines of Devils)
Our Mutual Church Obligations (Not Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves)
When the Heavens Fall
When Probation Closes
Meeting the Oppression of Sin
What We Do for Pleasure
The Truth About Armageddon
Heavenly Sources for the Imagination
In Heavenly Places
A Personal Refuge for the Meek – Victor Bireaud
The Continuing Assurance of Justification

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