2012 Sabbath Sermons


Our Commitment to the Three Angels’ Messages
How to Give God the Glory
Worthy to Escape
Acquainted with Our Enemy’s Devices
The Sobriety and Joy of Christ’s Coming
How to Deal With the Inner Self
Regulating The Inner Life in Church Relationships
*Baptism by Fire – Part 1
*Baptism by Fire – Part 2
*Baptism by Fire – Part 3 – Discerning the Fire in Self
*Baptism by Fire – Part 4 – Quenching the Fiery Self
In Love with the Man of the Bible
When the Heavens Fall
To Know Nothing but Christ
Without Fault
The Thread of Self in Our Love
Our Need of God’s Love
The Things that Quench our Love
A Love that Cannot Be Offended
God’s Captivating Love
The Love that Motivates Obedience
An Exposé of God’s Love
God’s Sacrifice to Save
A New Commandment
The ‘How’ of God’s Love
The Healing Rays of God’s Love
The Reverence of Love
The Principled Love of God
Discerning God in Nature
God’s Love With Whom We Have to Do 
God’s Love amid Human Chaos
God’s Love Perfected in Me to Obedience
The Golden Chain That Binds
Baptismal Bondings of Love
God’s Intimacy with Believing Sinners

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