2011 Sabbath Sermons


Peace In The Last Days
An Intelligent Foundation
Confusion of Faces
“Thus Saith the Lord” and Apparent Contradictions
Meat in Due Season
*Relationships Part 2 – A Living Connection With the Living God
*Relationships Part 3 – Relationships in the Home
*Relationships Part 4 – Relationships in the Church
The Natural Heart and God
The Wisdom of the Wise Virgins
The Publican and the Pharisee
Is Ellen White A Prophet?
Do We Need the Spirit of Prophecy?
Provoke One Another to Love
The Truth As It Is In Jesus
Finding Jesus in the Prophecies
The Prophetic Salvation of Jesus Christ
The Patience of the Saints
The Present Sealing Work
Requisites for Joining the Church Triumphant
Candidates for the Church Triumphant
Membership in the Church Triumphant
The Spirit of Submission
The Church Triumphant in Prophecy
Take Time to Be Holy
Pain with Hope or Hopeless Pain
Heaven’s Chain of Command

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