2008 Sabbath Sermons


Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord – Part 1
Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord – Part 2
God’s Way of Administration
The Atonement as the Source of Unity
I Have Set Thee a Watchman (incomplete)
The Things We Do for Love
Prevailing Winds
God’s Way of Unity in the Sanctuary
Christ in the Sanctuary
Investigation into the Sanctuary
The Complete System of Truth and Duty Reflected in the Sanctuary
The Closing Scenes of the Remnant Church
Obeying Them that Have the Rule Over You
Watch and Pray
Don’t Cut the Knot
How to Enter the Region of Peace
Diligence unto the Lord of the Sabbath
Diligence to Enter the Sabbath Rest
Diligent Attention to God’s Companionship
Diligent Attention to New Birth
God’s Diligent Effort to Save
The Loud Cry via the Church Triumphant Main Body
How to Cope in the Day of the Lord

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