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Sabbath Sermons classics presents – The Strife of Tongues (a re-post of a older article)

“That sin was not fully known by the people around.  It was well covered. There were only a few people that knew it.  There was the General of the Army, Bathsheba and then Nathan came along and said you are the man.  That is the other man who knew.  David didn’t go to the other people and say, “I’ve done this!” but we read it today.  At that time he didn’t show them.  It was for the next generations that it was written for.

Don’t become like the Catholic Church to go along to the priest and confess the detail of your sins. That is not what God’s way. We know so well what corruptions came out of the confession box that then the priests knew exactly what people did who then worked behind the scenes to develop all sorts of horrible things in the dark ages that you can study today.  This is evil, this is not God’s way.  You cannot help sinners by confessing your secret sins.  No way.  God will not expose the sins of his servants who love and depend on him.  God will not do that so why should you?”

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