Did Jesus Take Our DNA?

 Born into Sin

Psalms 51:5 Behold, I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me.

“This is our experience. We were born into sin. As a result of Adam’s disobedience, sin entered and from gene to gene, from DNA to DNA sin has been inherited from father to father right down the way to you and me hence we have inherited death. We know from science that DNA is the genetic building block of the body. It is a chemical, cellular structure arranged in a certain style which determines what our physical being is made up of. It is our ground plan. The DNA from our parents is transmitted down from generation to generation. More interestingly, the way our parents lived built up a structure in their DNA which became fabricated into the DNA structure. Our personality is made up of chemicals arranged by our parents.

A Root Out of a Dry Ground

Isaiah 53:2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, [there is] no beauty that we should desire him.

‘The Scripture spoke of Jesus childhood hundreds of years beforehand: “He shall grow up before Him.” Jesus was scheduled to come, not as conquering warrior but as a vulnerable infant child. Through the doorway of Mary’s womb He would enter this world. His physical form would develop according to fallen human DNA. From His mother He received the genetic code of an after-the-fall human adjusted morally downward by 4000 years of devastating decline separating Him from Eden’s tree of life.

The Bible teaches that Jesus was born with this same fundamentally ruined nature we were born with. That’s why this Scripture describes Jesus as growing up before God, “as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground.” The ground of humanity is dry. The fallen human nature is a parched wasteland. It naturally desires only to water itself; it naturally inclines one to please only one’s self. It pulls toward the center and not toward that which is outside of itself. When Jesus came in this very nature, and lived without sinning, it was a real mystery to the devil.

When Jesus came into our human flesh, Satan thought, “This is my chance!” He said to himself, “here comes Jesus into this dry ground where I can defeat him.” For 4000 years the devil had been learning exactly how to overcome humanity in its ruined nature. Now, he thought, he would succeed in breaking Jesus who had arrived in a broken nature. While Jesus may have come out of the dry ground of fallen humanity, He was a living root, a life-filled, “tender plant.” He came in our hard and ruined nature, but He clung to the Father through every step of the journey—just as we must cling to Him through every step we take. Notice how Ellen White describes His nature in the Youth’s Instructor.

“Think of Christ’s humiliation. He took upon himself fallen, suffering human nature, degraded and defiled by sin. He took our sorrows, bearing our grief and shame. He endured all the temptations wherewith man is beset.” YI 20 December 1900:

Jesus’ nature is described here as “fallen,” “suffering;” even as “degraded and defiled by sin.” And yet He is “Him who knew no sin” (2 Corinthians 5:21). He is described in Scripture as “holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners” (Hebrews 7:26), yet “tempted in all points like as we are” (Hebrews 4:15); “in all things…made like unto His brethren” (Hebrews 2:17). He came indisputably “in the likeness of sinful flesh” (Romans 8:3).

Some say that “likeness” here means “like but not exactly like.” But the verse itself says that He not only came in the likeness of sinful flesh, but that He, (now listen to this!) “condemned sin in the flesh.” Now if He only condemned sin in a nature that was different than ours, then He only condemned sin in that flesh, and not in ours. And if He didn’t condemn sin in the fallen flesh of Abraham, and if He didn’t condemn sin in the flesh that I bear, then sin has not been condemned in my nature. And if sin has not been condemned in my nature—even by Jesus—then how can I be condemned for sinning in my nature?!! Do you see how significant it is that Jesus came “as a root out of a dry ground?” If Jesus came as a root out of a wet ground—in the nature of Adam before the fall—a nature naturally inclined to turn towards God, and easily to subdue the lower nature, then He can hardly function as my Example.” Larry Kirkpatrick

Unity in Oneness

In marriage we see a unity and a oneness between more than one person. A union of two being one as God is three being one. This is an intimacy is the miracle of creation and procreation. When husband and wife procreate and produce a child their DNA is bound together in one person. How do they find relatives of the deceased today? They do it with DNA. Today’s knowledge in Science brings our understanding of the prayer of Christ much more closely than we have every understood it before. God has increased knowledge. None need miss the point. The miracle of procreation and the combination of two into one and multiples into one in the home is the demonstration and symbol of the family of heaven and is written in the Spirit of Prophecy. In marriage in the family we have a combination of each other in our selves. God’s intimacy is what is created in the family in the home.

DNA or a Stone?

2 Corinthians 3:6 Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. 7 But if the ministration of death, written [and] engraven in stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not stedfastly behold the face of Moses for the glory of his countenance; which [glory] was to be done away: 8 How shall not the ministration of the spirit be rather glorious? 9 For if the ministration of condemnation [be] glory, much more doth the ministration of righteousness exceed in glory. 10 For even that which was made glorious had no glory in this respect, by reason of the glory that excelleth. 11 For if that which is done away [was] glorious, much more that which remaineth [is] glorious. 12 Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech:

The ministration of death was when God wrote his principles on a piece of stone that we could not keep. That ministration has killed us. Sin revived and I died. The Bible said that was glorious. Was not the experience on Sinai something to behold; the mountain shaking with fire and Moses face shone with the glory of God they could not look at it? But there is something much more glorious done on Mt Calvary. It had blackness, lightning and shook like Mt Sinai and there was the inscription in the human gene for the Law of God. That is much more glorious. To have God’s Law so I can partake of it and achieve it. Why? Because it is compatible with my nature. That’s why it’s much more glorious. It is the ministration of death. If someone threw paper at you, would you die? No. But if someone threw a stone at you would you die?

Those who broke the commandments were stoned. There is something that is not unto death. If we don’t want to partake of the righteousness that is inscribed in human code then we will have to meet the Law of God. It will hit you fair in the head on the day of judgement. It will bring you down. Make a choice. Which one would you like to be thrown at you? A piece of DNA or a stone? If we don’t receive that seed we’ll be lost. That law will condemn you to eternal death. God is not mocked what a man soweth that shall he also reap. He that soweth to the flesh shall reap corruption but he that soweth to the Spirit shall reap ever-lasting life. When was the last time you planted a rock, and it grew? I tried it once just to see. Nothing happened. It doesn’t grow. But if you have a seed which has in it a living reality and put it in the ground and do the same, it lives. We need to have that in our heart.

Hebrews 8:10 For this [is] the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people: 11 And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.

In other words when something is instinctive you don’t have to be taught. I don’t have to teach my dog to bark and so when God’s people are born again you won’t have to be saying excuse me you should be doing this or that. It is Moses job to pester people. When faith comes you will know what to do. Some people think when they are born of the spirit it gives them a right to sin. They feel it is their right to do so. I’ve met very spiritual people who think it is fine to break God’s law and not keep the Sabbath day. Was the Sabbath written on the stone? When he writes his law on our hearts is he going to leave anything out? If he does we will be mutated. Do you realize that? You will be born defective. Does our God create genes that are half done needing to evolve? When God makes something He makes it good and perfect from the beginning and it does not need improvement. When God’s law is placed in your heart it includes the Sabbath day. Many who say they are born again disgrace the Sabbath hours or find it a burden. That proves they are not born again because it is not their instinct. Do you believe that God will do his promises?

A Seed

When I was young I went out and I had two watermelon seeds and I planted them both and I watered them and I came every day to have a look and nothing happened and approximately the seventh day after I planted them, I came and both seeds pushed up and both pushed out two leaves. I thought, how did they know to do the same thing? They both did the same thing. I didn’t know why they did it and I asked someone who was an atheist. I said do you know what happened this morning? I planted two seeds a few days ago and they did the same thing and they weren’t connected. He said oh, it’s just DNA. I said ok as I didn’t know what DNA was. It was just DNA. It is predestined to do a certain thing. We have two choices. We either can go down one path of destiny or another. One is those he did foreknow. When you made your choice there was a pre-set code to come out as the image of Jesus Christ. Of all the things you can be destined to do you and be like Jesus. I want to be like j and that is the goal of my life. Predestination doesn’t depress me as it does others. I don’t want to be in the image of Satan. Because it is pre-set, is because it is written in heaven and the things written in heaven must be done on earth and they will be done on earth. What is it that we as Christians are on a path to do if we choose?

DNA Is a Ladder

DNA is a ladder. This ladder reaches to heaven. It is divine. It reaches earth because it’s human. What is a ladder useful for when it doesn’t reach where it wants to go? People want to chop the bottom of the ladder off. Which half do you chop off? He is God and that ladder reaches to heaven but it is right on the earth before you so you can step onto it. It’s not a few meters above so you have to keep jumping. No. He came down to my depths. He bore my sins. The sins I have done, Jesus bore them in his body. Then when I suffer and am in anguish over what I have done, I look to Jesus because he says I know how you feel. I have wept too. Jesus is a never failing helper. Now the battle begins. That is how Jesus came. He knows your sufferings. Not just having knowledge. He knows it because became he bore it, every one of them. Whether male or female, there is no male or female in Jesus. Jesus has the virtue in him. This battle comes because he is in a position now where he has carried all that we have done. All the cravings that have come against us have been placed in him. At the same time all the Godhead bodily is there too. We have a battleground, a fight and exercise to do. This is what Jesus has done in writing the genetic code.

Matthew 26:37 And he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and began to be sorrowful and very heavy. 38 Then saith he unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry ye here, and watch with me. 39 And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou [wilt].

Can you see a battle here? Did Jesus flesh want to go to Calvary? No, his flesh didn’t want to go. The human nature was saying, no I don’t want to do it. He was heavy. He cried out to God and said, not the will of the flesh but the divine will because that is in my heart.

The DNA of Jesus

When Jesus was born he received the genotype, the genetic helix of everything that had been contributed into that DNA by those who had been before him. The DNA is the blue print from which a human body is built and Jesus human body was built from that helix of that gene of those chromosomes and contributions of personality character in the flesh. Jesus was built from hereditary human flesh and blood. Through Jesus God can be in intimate unity with us. He can dwell among us and show that our sinfulness is not so abhorrent to him to prevent him to do so. Both he that sanctifieth is one with his brethren. He became intimate with us, so intimate that he shared our hereditary. He desires us to be one with them. He took the initiative. He was the one who dwelt among us, one with us in Jesus Christ.

Divine culture brings perfection. If in connection with God the work is carried forward, the human agent, through Christ, will day by day gain victory and honor in the battle. Through the grace given he will overcome, and will be placed on vantage ground. In his relation to Christ he will be bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh, one with Christ in a peculiar relationship, because Christ took the humanity of man. He became subject to temptation, endangering as it were, His divine attributes. {7BC 926.5}

How close did Jesus come? Let them make me a body that is sinful flesh so that I can endanger by own divinity to come close to them so they can be bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, that we can learn through the sanctuary process to become truly part of him in purity.

The Fullness of the Godhead Bodily

When we consider the cross of Jesus Christ we know He suffered our sins on the tree. He was made a curse for us. In Him dwelled all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. Strife was there but love was there. Vainglory was there but meekness was there. The Serpent was there but the divine nature was there. Grief and sorrow were there but pleasures for ever more was there. Sickness was there but health was there. The world was there but the kingdom of heaven was there. Death was there but the power of an endless life was there. The devil was there and the Godhead was there. Hell was there and the Gates of heaven were there. This was in Jesus Christ.

The DNA is in that embryo inside the endosperm of that seed. Is it evidence that wheat exists? If you found a seed, would you believe that there was an avocado there? Can you see an avocado tree? It is the evidence of the things not seen. If you were in a criminal act and your DNA was found, have they evidence you were there? Did they see you? Faith is the substance of Jesus Christ the evidence of things not seen. Faith is the DNA of Jesus Christ. When sin happened Satan injected his seed into man. Faith is living data. All the data of what that seed is meant to do is written in that seed. Jesus said, if you have faith as a mustard seed, faith is equated with seed.

The Benchmark of Perfection

What is an author? A writer? What is DNA? Data. We write data for our children to inherit when we give birth to them. Jesus was a baby, the Word became flesh and he went through a process of his life and he was writing out perfection for a human. He came to a point where he finished the book.

Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of [our] faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

He was the author and finisher of the DNA of a perfect human being. That is what he wrote. If we believe he wasn’t perfect in character then we have a big problem but if we consent that the scripture is true and he was the spotless Lamb of God, then the data he wrote was spotless. When Jesus was on the cross at the end of his life he had born our sins in his body but not in his character. He condemned sin in the flesh. He wrote how a human being through the divine nature can condemn sin in the flesh. As he was doing that, the data was being put into his seed. Any person that plants and wants to make a good breed, they know when they develop something good in the plant that they take that seed and work with it. Jesus condemned sin in the flesh. He said it is finished, the DNA has been written and now I can die. There was no more to write, it was perfect, perfection on how to overcome sin. We have been born by what sort of seed? The flesh. The tendencies of my parents are passed onto me and I don’t have to try too hard to become like my father as it just happens.

The Bible says whosoever is born of God cannot commit sin. Why not? Because his seed remains in him. The seed cannot sin because it was the perfect DNA. His seed is perfect, it cannot sin. If you take an avocado seed do you expect to get a mango out of it? Why? It’s not a mango seed. It doesn’t have the DNA seed for mango. It is impossible to get sin out of the seed of Jesus Christ. He cannot sin, it can’t happen. This the law of genetics. The seed of the flesh is enmity itself against God. You can’t change it. It’s not an adjective that was at enmity, it is enmity. It can’t do anything but sin just like you can’t get the mango out of the avocado seed. You can’t get righteousness out of your flesh. You can’t do it. God can’t even do it. The flesh has to die. It is not subject to the law of God and neither indeed can be. Being born of incorruptible seed is the only way to heaven. For us to try to create something good is impossible. We need the seed to create good. The spiritual seed will outgrow the fleshy seed. It is not magic, it is outgrowing.

The more we use our knowledge and exercise our powers, the more knowledge and power we shall have. {COL 354.1}

If we put into practice what is written, the old inclinations will be rearranged and we will pass better DNA on to our children. As I look at the law in its spiritual manifestation I will feel wretched. It is the very fact of Christ being the pure law connected with my sinful flesh that caused him the ache, suffering and pain. If he wouldn’t have been in sinful flesh there wouldn’t have been pain. The law was in his heart and he would speak it. The fact that Jesus had sinful flesh was agony. Along it the way came up a few times. His sufferings were in the wilderness and at Gethsemane because there the Lord exposed the genetic makeup in him.

Lamentations 1:12 [Is it] nothing to you, all ye that pass by? behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow, which is done unto me, wherewith the LORD hath afflicted [me] in the day of his fierce anger. 13 From above hath he sent fire into my bones, and it prevaileth against them: he hath spread a net for my feet, he hath turned me back: he hath made me desolate [and] faint all the day. 14 The yoke of my transgressions is bound by his hand: they are wreathed, [and] come up upon my neck: he hath made my strength to fall, the Lord hath delivered me into [their] hands, [from whom] I am not able to rise up.

It was wreathed on him. He became the author and finisher of sanctification. If he is the author and that is the beginning. In every phase of our experience and temptations, he met it at some point in his life. If he is the sanctifier, why did he learn obedience? He took our condition and had to learn obedience in us so that when we say I can’t it’s like saying Jesus couldn’t. He took our condition and was obedient. Some people say, how can Jesus have been tempted? He doesn’t know what its like to struggle against cigarettes or to be addicted to drugs. The sins that we do in our body were laid in his body, wreathed into him by the hand of God. He suffered it. Therefore he’s been tempted in all points as we are, yet without sin. He never added to writing sin. In him dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily. The law of God was written in his heart as an instinctive principle of behaviour in the mind.

Jesus placed himself into the situation of Gethsemane and the cross for our benefit and yet he agonized in Lamentations that all his efforts may have come to naught. When He asks the question in His mind “is it nothing to you all you that pass by that I am suffering here under all the transgressions that you have found yourself in dilemma over? Is it nothing to you that the Father has wreathed all your sins and iniquities upon my neck? If you will only lookup, stop and appreciate what I am doing here for you, you will realize that I have put myself in this predicament for your sake because I am the remedy for your sin. I have come to suffer in this way to break the captivity of sin so that you may be reconciled back to the Father again. Won’t someone please appreciate what I am doing here?

Today you understand the word wreathed very well. The sins are wreathed. What is a gene? A wreath correct? That spiral with all my genetic makeup and that is what the Father placed into the genetic makeup of the man Christ Jesus and stirred it up. They came up upon my neck. A person who’s heart is playing up has panic. It is a revelation of a heart condition when the throat is strangled, Jesus experienced that.

Lamentation 1:14 …they are wreathed,

Just like the wreath of a chromosome. Have you ever had a heart attack? It chokes you. When Jesus was wreathed with my sin with everybody’s sin, an overdose, it choked him. This transaction of our experience was wreathed into Jesus flesh, we still fail to comprehend the depths of that. If we comprehend the full vision of what Jesus Christ has done, we have this hope, this spur to the things we read. Sometimes when we read beautiful characteristic that we can live with that peace and hope, sometimes it makes people sick because they think but its not going to happen. Why talk about it, you’re just teasing. They haven’t caught the vision. Have you caught the vision of Jesus Christ? Jesus gave himself and the Father didn’t spare him. He let all the weight of absolute depression fall on his soul. God wreathed our sins into the body of Jesus and made him suffer it all. Jesus gave himself. What for?

Titus 2:14 Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

If you feel somebody has transgressed against you and the grief is so horrifying that it makes you want to die, look at Jesus. We do not have to suffer nowhere near what Jesus did by the transgressions of humanity upon him compared to a few people upon me. With the memory of your suffering under someone’s transgression against you, can you say with the one who is feeling your grief and more regarding those ones who have created grief to you, can you say what he said? Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. He against whom we have sinned more than against anyone else. Against thee and he only have I sinned. He is the one we have done the worst damage to and we think I have had damage done to me? He whom we have pierced and grieved by our transgressions expired with the sentiment of ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’. That was the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. Take a longer look at Jesus.

God’s Anger

What is he angry about and who copped it? “Is it nothing to you Jesus said from above hath he sent fire into my bones and it hath prevailed against them.” The sins are so heavily laid upon Him that He can’t rise up. When you have sinned in the world, when you sin and you go to court, can you deliver yourself? Jesus went to court and Jesus could not be delivered from the destructive force of God’s wroth and the consequence of our sin and God’s wroth. What did Jesus do in verse 16? He wept bitterly.

Lamentations 1:16 For these things I weep; mine eye, mine eye runneth down with water, because the comforter that should relieve my soul is far from me: my children are desolate, because the enemy prevailed.

What did Jesus dies of? Sr White says that he died of the condemnation that the people will die of who have rejected his mercy. When Jesus died the comforter was not there for Him – there was nothing to comfort Him. And if you know what that is like there is nothing that can take you out of your sense of condemnation. I wonder how many have experienced this. I know I have. No hope no comforter and my children are desolate because the enemy prevailed. The enemy prevailed upon him. Is it nothing to you?

What Do I With My Sorrow?

He has taken your sorrows upon Himself so how he can experience them with you when we leave Him out? How does He feel? How would you feel? Don’t leave Jesus out. Don’t leave Him alone. If He’s knocking on your door saying let me in, I want to fellowship with you in your sufferings open wide the door. Don’t leave His aching heart outside. You wouldn’t like it if He did it to you would you? Then do unto Him as you would have Him do unto you. Bring Jesus into every experience of your life. Make Him your constant companion. In the trial, in the joy, you will have fellowship with a man who knows just how you feel, and knows just how to make you feel better. You yourself must taste and see that He is good. And though it may at first be bitter in your mouth as you plunge into the deep waters of self-denial and affliction, you will find it to be sweet. Can you reason here why Jesus is speaking like this? Is it nothing to you all those who pass by. Behold and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow.

Jesus Diary

The book of Psalms is Jesus diary because he took on the sins of the whole world including David’s so all of the Psalms of the prayers of David’s confession are Christ’s prayers too. Study Psalms 22, 40 and 69 to read how he suffered under your condition.


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  1. PS. Jesus met every temptation & sinful desire that we have to meet from the point of never having given in & sinning. All have sinned & come short of the glory of God. Mary’s flesh— the flesh of Adam after the fall, was the dry ground passed on to Christ. Yet Mary was found with Child of the Holy Ghost— Jesus is the only fully God, fully man— Jesus is the Root of David AND the Offspring of David. Jesus took our sins to the point as if He had done them— all the malignity & terror of every sin ever committed— He felt as if He had done them Himself—in the wilderness, in Gethsemane & on Calvary—I am a broken vessel—- Psalm 31:12— & yet, He was without sin. He was wounded for our transgressions & bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon Him. He was cut off, but NOT for Himself. Thank you again, for so many of your insights to weave into mine

  2. Thank you, much, for sharing your insights.


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