The Monarchy and Our Liberties

Recently the Pope asked the world to forgive the Catholic Church for its crimes against humanity. History shows that through the centuries, the Papacy has killed over 100 million people in its quest for world domination.  Some cynics felt the Popes apology was shallow, since the church also claims to have ‘never erred’ and is ‘infallible. She claims to never change, and has not removed the statutes to kill from her books. For religious intolerance to occur again, the church must first get Catholic into positions in the state. The church and state must unite for popery’s intolerance to prosper again.  If there is a conspiracy to destroy our Constitutional Monarchy and freedoms, then to find out the force behind it, we need to go back and see why the current system was set up.  Gallons of ANZAC blood has been spilt safeguarding our liberties, insured by our democratic Constitutional Monarchy. This blood has preserved for us the best freedoms in the world. They are inherited from our British forefathers.

It is the fruitage of the 16th Century Protestant Reformation.  Immigrants flood into Australia and New Zealand to escape persecution, bigotry, injustices and poverty in their republics. They come to enjoy a better life under our tried and tested system. Although we have the best liberties in the world, certain politicians are steering us into the dark, uncharted waters of Republicanism. The media has been attempting to influence a pro-Republic public opinion, and some believe there is a conspiracy. These politicians have no mandate from the people who are not rioting on the streets for a Republic.  It was King Henry VIII who destroyed the Papacy’s secular power in England.  He terminated a corrupt priesthood which had controlled the affairs of England for centuries. Henry allowed the English people to read the Bible in their own language, something popery forbade because it exposed its false doctrines. The English protested at the unbiblical doctrines of the Catholic church, and were called Protestants. After Henry’s death, his son Edward VI continued the Reformation.

After his early death, his Catholic sister Mary Tudor took the throne. She obtained power by promising freedom of conscience to all. These smooth words gained her the throne, but she broke her word and returned England to papal control. The persecutions then started, as she had many of England’s noblest sons, who put the Bible above the blasphemous mass, confessional and other unscriptural teachings, burnt at the stake. These killings left a hatred of the Papacy in England that is still remembered today.  Protestant Elizabeth I followed Mary, and proclaimed; “I acknowledge no king in my realm but Jesus Christ.” This was a rebuke to the Pope, who claimed to be Lord of the world, and all that needed to be subservient to his infallible instructions for salvation.  Consequently, the Pope excommunicated her, and ordered the Spanish Armada to crush the ‘Protestant Revolt’. The might of the Vatican backed Spain was broken by the English sailors and storm and tempest. The Vatican’s attempt to force England back to the domination of popery ended in disaster and humiliation.  Next to take the throne was James I, who announced that he, like Elizabeth was Protestant. This meant that Roman Catholicism was not tolerated, as it continually meddled in the affairs of England. The Vatican’s reaction was Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot, to blow up the King and the English parliament.

The plot was foiled, and the Catholic traitors executed. Rome called them martyrs and made them saints.  The English devised a system to keep the Catholic traitors out of power. This was the 1689 Constitutional Monarchy. The Monarch had to be a Protestant, and head of the Church of England; thus preventing the Pope gaining supremacy over the English church. No King was allowed to marry a Catholic. No Catholic was allowed in Parliament or strategic positions where they could covertly work for the Vatican’s subversive plans. This system has served the English-speaking world well for centuries.  “We are out to reinstate the Pope. We want him to be the spiritual and ethical leader of this country [England] and we are not hiding that fact at all.” Cardinal Boume, Protestantism Imperilled, P. 49.  The Royal family is being discredited by the media, yet it neglects to inform us that the Queen is ‘Defender of the Protestant Faith’ and our liberties. We believe there is a religious agenda, which is why so many Irish Catholics are involved in the Republican movement. With their help, the ‘Holy Father’, the Pope, can further his plans for a New World Order.

The Monarchy stands in their way, so it must be discredited and overturned.  Our Monarchy, as the ‘Defender of the Protestant Faith’ and our freedoms, is the Papacy’s number one enemy, because it stands directly in the way of suppressive New World Order.  Prince Charles is being manoeuvred into relinquishing his leadership of the Church of England when he becomes King, in order to marry his lover. The Papacy well knows that this will clear the way for the Pope to become spiritual leader of the Church of England again.  The present Pope is faithfully following in the footsteps of his predecessors, by pursuing the church’s dream of world domination by force if necessary. When the Pope speaks of peace and justice, it is on Catholic terms.  As more Catholics obtain power, they make laws in harmony with the Pope’s desired NWO. soon you must choose between God’s law and the Pope’s law.

The Monarchy stands in the way of the Pope’s planned NWO and so it must be discredited in the media and destroyed by Catholic politicians.  We wish that all men would live in harmony with each other and respect each other’s religious views as Christ did. Unfortunately, the Papacy insists on forcing its unbiblical beliefs on others when it gains political power. It is now gaining power and we have a duty to warn all men of the dangers soon to fall upon unsuspecting humanity. We believe some Roman Catholics are hatching another Guy Fawkes’ Night plot in the form of Republicanism, to again to try destroy our Constitutional Monarch and Protestant liberties. Their actions are summarised this statement by a Roman Catholic Archbishop;

“I do not mind blood, I do not mind slaughter, I do not mind revolution so long as we get what we wish to accomplish.” Archbishop Kelly of Sydney, 1919.

Soon Revelation 13:16-18 and chapter 17 will be fulfilled. You owe it to yourself, to better understand the consequences of the centralising of political, economic and religious power into a few hands.

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